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New 20 Gauge Steam Table Pans from Vollrath are here!

Have you been looking for  a heavier duty steam table pan and lid?  Then look no further than your 2014 Cook’s Correctional Buyers Guide!  In this year’s catalog, the new Vollrath 20 Gauge Steam Table Pan and lists made their debut on page 3 of the New Product Section.

Vollrath Super Pan 20 Gauge Steam Table Pans and Lids

Vollrath Super Pan 20 Gauge Steam Table Pans and Lids

Vollrath has introduced a 20 gauge Steam Table Pan under the Super Pan product family. This heavy-duty product is 300 series stainless steel and is the perfect choice for the correctional kitchen. Currently available in 3 sizes and 3 depth levels of 2.5”, 4” and 6”, we have a 20 gauge pan for every correctional application. What is even more exciting about these pans is the 20 gauge Solid Lids that are part of the line. A major security risk in the correctional kitchen for many years has been the steam table pan lid. The 22 gauge lids have historically been a risk because the handle

Brian Richardson

Director of Merchandising, Cook’s

could easily be snapped off and turned into a shank. Now with these innovatively designed ‘handle less’ 20 gauge transport lids, you have a very durable secure heavy-duty steam table pan and lid that will see extended life in your correctional kitchen.