Correctional Kitchen Equipment

A Quote Today Can Save You Money In 2020

Cook’s October Promotion is all about saving you money on purchases that you make next year. We know that budget planning season is here for many of our customers. We want to make it easier for you by offering to hold current quoted prices on Vulcan or Hobart equipment all the way through the end of March next year.

Is there a chance you will need a new floor mixer, combi-oven or griddle? Let us know and we can prepare a quote for you. Instead of being good for 30 to 60 days, we will honor those prices through March 31st of next year. You can have 2019 pricing in 2020.

Additionally, we can help you save 50% on extended warranties for your equipment if you are considering 2 or more pieces. That can save you up to $1500.

With this promotion applying to all Vulcan and Hobart equipment, you can get quotes and save money on dish machines, ovens, ranges, braising pans, food cutters, kettles, griddles, floor mixers and counter-top mixers.

All you have to do is pick up the phone. We’ll do the rest! Call today at 800-956-5571 and mention that you want to take advantage of the October Equipment quote promotion.

What can you do with a Tilt Skillet?

The Tilt Skillet or Braising Pan is one of the most versatile pieces of correctional kitchen equipment available. With the capacity to saute, grill, fry, steam, or braise, these multitasking dynamos are all about helping institutional kitchens do more with less. We recommend them when you have limited space because one tilt skillet can be used to steam, grill and even to fry foods.

Below is a quick demonstration of the Vulcan V-Series Tilt Skillet. We recommend Vulcan equipment because it has proven itself many times over in correctional kitchen applications throughout the years as highly durable and long lasting heavy-duty kitchen equipment.

If you’re interested in learning more about tilt-skillets or other Vulcan Foodservice Equipment, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. We have access to their full line of commercial kitchen equipment and are fully trained on their product line.

Correctional Kitchen Equipment from Cook's

Correctional Kitchen Equipment

Our tagline is The leader in correctional kitchen equipment and supplies.  That’s because Cook’s is built on a foundation of correctional operations experience.  Prior to launching Cook’s, our founder spent 20 years as an operator and recognized first-hand the importance of portion control, security and durability in correctional foodservice operations.

We absolutely understand how a kitchen operates in a correctional facility. Whether you are cook/serve, cook/chill, or have bulk transport needs, we provide the best products possible.  Matching your facilities requirements with the right equipment is what we do best.

With Cook’s you’ll get the right equipment for your kitchen, rooted in a deep understanding of how the correctional kitchen works and the demands unique to corrections.

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Slicer

One of the great benefits of social media and the web is the increase of communication tools. Many of us have used YouTube to find music or entertainment – who knew so many people loved to watch cat videos? And, I personally never imagined how many people loved making cat videos. But entertainment aside, video also offers us a great opportunity for learning and education.

We love receiving videos from vendors that provide product demonstrations, new product introductions and more. Especially helpful training videos, like the one below from Vollrath. vollrath

New Dishmachine? Here’s where to start…

Door Type Dishwasher, Meiko DV 80.2

Door Type Dishwasher

Dish machines are one of the most abused pieces of equipment in a commercial foodservice operation.  Having worked in a dish room myself, I can appreciate the hot steamy climate and the other challenges in a dish room.  And sometimes the plates and bowls just keep on coming!    If we are being completely honest, the last thing I ever cared about was the dish machine.

Because of this, dish machines typically last fewer years than other expensive equipment.  When you don’t scrap the trays properly, when you bang the doors, and when you cram as much in it as possible, it usually leads to repairs and a shorter life.

Jeff Breeden, CEO Cook's

Jeff Breeden

So, the dish machine is down again and you think it’s time for a new one.  Here’s where you start…

  1. Is the current machine keeping up?  Is the rated capacity suitable for your operation or do you need a larger unit?
  2. Are you happy with the brand?  Some machines are built stronger for institutional type settings, like Hobart,  while others are ideal for light use in a church type setting.
  3. If you need a bigger unit, do you have the space and utilities to operate it?  If you go big, you will most likely need new dish tables and a way to exhaust the additional steam.
  4. How will you handle the soiled trays while the machine is being installed?  Big machines can take a week or more so be prepared to wash trays and cups by hand if necessary.
  5. Have you evaluated how you scrap your trays?  Many times, its poor scrapping that leads to dish machine failure. You may also want to evaluate if your current disposer should be replaced.

Start here for your next dish machine.  After you have answered the above questions, you can really begin to research which brand and size machine you want. You can also speak with your Cook’s territory representative – all of our associates are trained on all the equipment we sell and they can help you with spec sheets, quotes, comparisons between machines and more.