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Made for Corrections Mondays – Cake Marker

Made for Corrections Mondays – Cook’s Brand Cake Marker

Welcome to another edition of Made for Corrections Mondays with Jeff Breeden, CEO of Cook’s. This week we’re talking about the Cook’s Brand Cake Marker. The Cake Marker was designed to address the inevitability that when sheet cakes are cut by hand, the pieces will be a variety of different sizes. We’ve all seen it, you start cutting on one side of the cake and the pieces are fine, maybe even a little generous, but by the time you get to the end, what’s left over is too small to serve so it goes in the trash. That’s a lot of wasted cake if you’re serving a few hundred or even thousands of inmates. It’s also an issue that portion sizes are different from one tray to another and can cause problems when meals are distributed.

The Cake Marker can solve that problem for you. Just like the name says – you use it to mark a sheet cake giving you a guide for slicing even pieces ensuring the whole cake can be served. To mark a cake, you simply hold the Cake Marker straight above the frosted cake and slightly press it into the frosting. This marks the top so that you can evenly cut the pieces. If you’re using a plain cake, you place the Cake Marker on top and put a light dusting of powdered sugar on top, once you remove the Cake Marker you’ll be able to see where to cut. Occasionally, we have had customers request a cake cutter from us. This isn’t a cake cutter and we don’t make one of those. We have looked into the idea, but we haven’t made one because if you were to use it with a frosted cake, once you used it the blades would have frosting and cake on them and wouldn’t be usable for a second. Too much cake and frosting would gunk up the blade to be useful for more than one use. But we feel that you can accomplish the goal of evenly cut cakes time after time with the Cook’s Brand Cake Marker.

This product comes in a variety models to give you many options in the size of your cake pieces. When you use the CKE101SS you will end up with (54) 3″ x 3″ cake slices from one full size sheet cake (18″ x 26″). If you want larger or smaller pieces, we have a Cake Marker to accommodate you. For more information about our Cake Marker or other Cook’s Brand products, you can reach us at 800.956.5571 or visit

What?….that’s another way to use that, go figure!

Max Lecaros, National Sales Manager, Cook's

Max Lecaros

Have you ever taken an item and used it for something completely different from what it was created for? Take a credit card for instance. It’s used all the time to buy stuff, little stuff, big stuff, useless stuff. What else can you use that for? Look around, is there a loose screw somewhere. Just grab your trusty purchasing partner and tighten that screw. That’s right…I am sure you have at one point or another used a credit card as screwdriver.

Cook's 630-862 Full Tang Dough Cutter

Cook’s Brand 630-862 Full Tang Dough Cutter

Through our many conversations with customers, we’ve found that in a Correctional kitchen the ingredients of necessity and ingenuity work together to frequently serve up these a-ha moments. Let’s start with an easy one…the Dough Cutter. Traditionally used for what it’s named after, to cut dough. However many facilities have decided to replace all of their knives with dough cutters. That substitution was a catalyst for Cook’s to enhance the existing dough cutter design. We revamped it by adding silicon to the handle to provide more comfort when using it as a knife. Since it had a full tang blade, we added an eyelet to the side,  so that it may be tethered down to a table for security.

Just recently I learned from a customer of another a-ha moment. This facility is using the Cook’s Brand Cake Marker in a way we never thought!  While marking their cakes to create exact portions every time was the original use for their cake marker, they discovered the same grid creating those portions perfectly solved a different kitchen challenge. They make biscuits and didn’t have a way of keeping them from overlapping each other. So they use our cake marker to space out the biscuits so they do not overlap.

So what item do you use differently? Let me know, I would love to hear about it!   Leave a comment below with your a-ha moment.