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COVID-19 – Resources for Corrections

We’ve heard from our customers that it can be difficult to find the best resources and expertise to support you, your staff and your operation during this uncertain time. To help you stay informed, Cook’s has compiled a list of reliable resources with information to clearly understand the situation and take relevant action to protect yourself and others. 

We are also here for you to be a resource in any way that we can, as we all navigate the changing landscape. Feel free to give us a call or send an email, our team is working remotely – but we are connected to each other with the goal of providing you the high level of service you expect. All of us at Cook’s are ready to support you in meeting your day-to-day needs and coming up with solutions to new challenges created with the pandemic.

Again, be sure to reach out if we can be of service in any way.  Cook’s is ready to assist you, 800-956-5571.

A Message To Our Customers

As we adjust to the current environment together, I want you to feel confident working with Cook’s and to let you know that we remain committed to continuing to provide you with excellent customer service.  Cook’s has been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation.  Currently, we have not experienced any disruptions in our workforce and do not expect any.   We began planning for this a few weeks ago and initiated “social distancing” today.  Much of our team is working from home with full access to their computers, phones and other team members.  Our warehouse team and a small crew, including me, are in the office.  You can continue to contact us in the same ways you always have (same phone #, same extension #, same email)  We are ready to help you in any way we can. 

Below are some common questions that we have been receiving from our customers:

Q:  Should we expect any overseas supply chain interruptions from Cook’s?
A:  I don’t think so.  All of Cook’s overseas suppliers are operational and shipping product.  We are currently adding additional inventory (safety stock) if the virus pop up again overseas. 

Q:  How’s your inventory? 
A:  Cook’s is fully stocked and has not experienced any “out of stocks” due to Covid-19.

Q:  Are you still shipping?
A:  Yes, in stock items are still shipping 100% on the same day. 

Q:  Is everyone healthy there?
A:  Yes, we are taking aggressive action by asking many people to work from home and practicing “social distancing” in the office. 

The health and safety of our customers, our team members, and our respective families is my highest priority.    


Jeff Breeden CEO | Cook’s

Online shopping at

Online-ShoppingIs shopping online your preference?  If you’re trying to place an order before you get breakfast going – it may be your only option!  Our customer service team gets here early – but we’re not here round the clock., however, is open 24/7.

We want you to have a great experience when you shop on our website.   To make that a reality, we’ve done our best to include as much information for you as possible to help you with your purchasing decisions.

Each item has a lead time stated on the description of the item. This allows you, as the customer, to know when the item will be shipping out before you make your decision. It’s important to understand that this is an estimated time based on the information we have available to us.  You should also note that we call out our shipping time in “business days”.  While we inventory a significant amount of the products that we sell, we also work with our vendor suppliers to drop ship items directly to your facility.  This saves time and expense.  We address shipping time in business days because we do not ship on Saturday’s or Sunday’s and our vendor partners don’t either.

When you are on a product page, you will see the information specific to the product under Product Details.  There are three additional tabs next to Product Details, each leading to more information about the item.  You’ll find any Customer Reviews on the second tab.  The next tab is for Questions and Answers – where you can enter a question about the product you’re looking at and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.  The question and answer will stay on this tab for future viewers.  Finally, we have a tab called “education center” which includes specification sheets for the item as well as warranty information.  We try to include PDF’s for your convenience. In these PDF’s it shows a more detailed description of the item and what the item comes with. If there are parts or extra accessories, it would state what those are and the items numbers that relate directly to them, for easy ordering purposes.   Also, if there are any articles that we’ve written that relate to the item, they will be linked here too.  Occasionally a tab will be blank because the item doesn’t have more relevant information to be included.

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

If you have suggestions on how our website can be improved, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or let us know.

Got a problem with your item – let’s get that fixed quickly!

defects iconWe pride ourselves on carrying quality products that can withstand the daily abuse that’s dished out in the correctional kitchen. But with the volume of products we sell, we occasionally ship out a defective item.  When this happens, we know that you’re already inconvenienced because you ordered something, waited for it and now that it’s arrived – it’s not right. Our goal is to fix that as quickly as possible.

If you have an order from Cook’ s Correctional that included a defective item, please call us as soon as it’s convenient for you at 1-800-956-5571.  When you call regarding the defective item, be sure to have the following information available to expedite the call:

If it’s a small ware item:

  • The order / invoice number that relates to the item
  • Specifics about the defect you find with the item
  • What you were using it for or doing with the item when it broke

If it is an equipment piece you’re calling about:

  • The order / invoice number that relates to the item
  • Specifics about the defect in the equipment
  • How you were using the equipment when it broke or stopped working
  • The model number of the equipment piece

    Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

    Janet St. Clair

  • The serial number of the equipment piece

Having the above information prepared before you make the call can help us to quickly track back the item history and will enable us to quickly resolve this issue for you.


Want to place an order fast? here’s some tips to keep it quick!

phone callDo you have lots of spare time at work? Nope – we didn’t think so! That’s why we do our best to help you place your orders with us as quickly as possible.  That’s also why you’ll find the Quick Order option right on the home page of the Cook’s Correctional website.

Still, sometimes it’s better for you to place your orders with us via the phone, email or fax.  We do our best to be friendly and pleasant to talk to, but we understand that you’ve got a lot more on your plate than just placing kitchen supplies orders with the friendly people over at Cook’s!

Today’s post provides a couple of tips to help you get the fastest service possible from us:

If you have the following pieces of information ready before you call, then we can help you get your order placed accurately and quickly. And if you’re ordering via fax or email, be sure to include these pieces of information so that we don’t have to hold your order up while we contact you to get this:

Sales order numbers – When placing an order via email or phone call please make sure to always request the sales order confirmation number. This is great information to have in case you need to call in about the order at any time. The order confirmation number can be referenced when obtaining tracking information, obtaining an invoice, needing to set up a return, or any other inquiry you might have regarding the order.

Contact Information – When faxing an order please make sure you reference an account number, if you know it, as this will make sure to place the order under the correct account. Please make sure to specify if the order needs to be under an Aramark, GEO or any other corporate food service provider. Make sure to reference a contact of who we can call or email if we end up having questions about your order.

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

When emailing and inquiring about an order, please make sure to have either your account number or zip code available. This will help us to put your orders in the correct account and get the order process started as quickly as possible for you.

You’re not happy with your item…what now?

Let’s talk about Cook’s Return Policy.

The first step in avoiding a return is for you to be confident in the purchase you are making either over the phone or when you order online at You may have noticed that when you call in to order an item like insulated trays or smallwares  that you’ve gotten from us in the past, we will reference your purchasing history. We do this for you as a safeguard to verify that the product you’re ordering is the product you want. But that can only apply to items that you order regularly from Cook’s.

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

It is our goal to make sure you are getting the correct items with each order, so you can avoid any return fees as well as the lost time involved in a product return. Some items are subject to a 15% to 50% restocking charge and return shipping charges. If you do have a problem with a product we will do our best to minimize the hassles of a return, but by following the simple instructions below with all your purchases – you can also help the process go smoothly when a return is needed:

  • Returned items must be unused, undamaged, returned intact with original materials. Specially ordered or custom items cannot be returned.
  • Please fully inspect and count all the cartons in a shipment “before” you sign for them. If you have shortages, damages, or problems, you should note this on the delivery receipt.
  • Upon receipt and inspection of returned product(s), your credit card will be credited for the amount paid for the item(s) minus the restocking fee and return shipping charges.
  • For refused shipments you will be responsible for full freight charges and applicable fees going both ways if they are refused for any reason other than the shipment was damaged in transit or if the shipping error was made by Cook’s Correctional Kitchen Equipment and Supplies.

Finally, if you have any questions or aren’t sure how to proceed, give us a call at 1-800-956-5571.  The customer service department is here to help you with orders and returns.

FREE SHIPPING – you love it!

Free DeliveryWe have many products where those items come with Free Shipping – but what exactly does this mean?  Free Shipping means free standard shipping. Not free overnight shipping or even free two-day shipping.  Those are premium shipping options that we aren’t able to include for free.

You will most likely see Free Shipping on kitchen equipment pieces or on transport carts.  These are products that are shipping to you directly from the manufacturer, and they have agreements with large shipping companies to include standard shipping.  For instance, if you go to, you’ll see that you can get a Vulcan V6B36S NG 6-Burner Heavy Duty Gas Range with free shipping.  You also need to keep in mind that if you order the range and a stock pot to go on it – the free shipping is for the range only, because the stock pot is coming from our warehouse.

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

Additionally, Free Shipping means only that the shipping company brings the item to your facility and drops it off for you. Unfortunately, it does not go past that, but if you want the company to do more than that you can specify, at the time of the order, for an additional charge.

Some additional shipping services available include the following:

  • Inside delivery – if you need the item to be brought inside the location instead of just being dropped off at the front or at a loading dock.
  • Lift Gate – if the item is too heavy to lift off a truck, you can request the truck to have a lift gate. This will take the item from the truck level and deliver it to the ground level. If there is a dock or forklift at the facility there is no need for the freight truck to come equipped with a lift gate.
  • Residential Delivery – if the item is being delivered to a residence there is an additional fee.

If you ever have a question about your Free Shipping and what that really includes, you can always ask someone in customer service at Cook’s and we’ll be sure to clarify what your Free Shipping includes!

You say “just give me a price!” and I say, “not so fast…” here’s why:

I know how you feel…you call someone to get a price on an item and pray for a seconds-quick response. I mean, who really wants to spend more time on the phone with a salesperson? You have things to do, places to be, jobs to finish…so you may think a quick response from a vendor will get you where you need to go…but does it?

Tim Saner, Sales Manager Cook's

Tim Saner

For years, I have been making calls and fielding calls from correctional kitchen professionals; folks like you. During that time, I have been the one that slowed you down and asked you those annoying questions that delay the answer you seek…while, “just give me a price,” rings through your head! Then I ask, “you want to purchase a new freezer…why?” Then you think, “That’s it, this guy is in outer space!” “Because mine doesn’t work!” you exclaim.

This is where I ask for your patience…because the more I know about your correctional kitchen equipment, the easier it will be to point you in the right direction. Specification of the right item is dependent on diagnosis of a problem. Diagnosis involves lots of questions… and answers. When I

image courtesy of Commercial Kitchen Doctor LLC

image courtesy of Commercial Kitchen Doctor LLC

find out that your freezer is broke, and it doesn’t maintain temp, I need to know how it got that way. Does it have top mount refrigeration? Is there clearance above it and the ceiling for proper ventilation? Where is the unit being placed? What products are stored in it? What foodservice equipment brand is it? Would pan slides instead of shelves increase its utility? Is it next to a heat source – would a heat shield on either side make sense? Being in a correctional kitchen Is the unit or its contents ever tampered with? What is your budget for this item? Who is using it?…etc.

Don’t worry, the questions are limited. While they may seem annoying at the time – I promise that you, as well as I, will learn more about what you have in your correctional kitchen and what you need as we talk. You want to buy once and buy right. I want to get you to that point. Oh, and one more question…if you call a different supplier and they don’t ask you any questions, how did they determine what was right for you?

Help us get your products where you want them.

delivery-truck2Many of you have a P.O. Box for your mailing address which doesn’t relate to your facility address. Additionally, we often have your accounting office address on our files as the point of contact, and that can be much different from the shipping address for your products – but without your help, we don’t know that. We do our best to get it right, but we’ll be 100% with a little help from you.

Whenever you’re placing an order for any type of small ware items or equipment items, please remember to double-check the billing and shipping address that you or your purchasing department has provided to Cook’s. We want to make sure your invoices and items get sent to a correct address. Cooks Correctional is able to send an invoice to any address, including PO Boxes, APO addresses, etc. Please note that we can not ship any

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

products to a PO Box.

Also, please make sure to specify a suite or apartment number as well if there is one. If there are any restrictions within the shipping address please let us know at the time the order is placed. Restrictions for ground shipments could include any of the following: address is in a residential area, you would like the package to require a signature, you do not want the package to require a signature, the facility is only open during certain business hours. Restrictions for freight shipments could include any of the following: your facility/ receiving dock is only open during certain hours, you do not have a dock/ forklift and need a lift gate truck for delivery of heavier items, you need the items delivered inside of the facility, must call to schedule a delivery appointment, etc.

Taking the above precautions will help all of your items and invoices arrive to you in a timely fashion. Any address adjustments after the item/s are ordered could cause extra fees. We do not want anyone to incur additional fees and want to provide the best customer service possible for your facility.