Christmas Traditions at Cook’s

The Christmas season is well celebrated at Cook’s, with an amazing company party, our Chinese lunch – in the spirit of A Christmas Story, which is usually the Friday before Christmas and finally an amazing white elephant grab bag. But the season is kicked off by a staff favorite; The Holiday Giving Tree.

Our Giving Tree is coordinated with the help of Humanitarian Service Project (HSP). The organization works year round to help local seniors and families. At Christmas, they coordinate Giving Trees where you can purchase gifts for a specific child. A few years ago, Jeff Breeden, CEO of Cook’s, launched a company match if we reached our participation goal of 25 children. This year we had employees sponsor 33 children – with the match, we bought Christmas gifts for 66 children. It is always an exciting time to pick the names and then later to hear the office chatter about what great gifts were found to make a child’s holiday special.

This event also hits two of our Core Values. We Really Care: we care about each other, our work and the company. We are passionate about what we do and our role on the team. We own it. We also care about our community and those around us. The Giving Tree is a perfect expression of this. We Enjoy Our Work; we are positive and upbeat about what we do. Our enthusiasm for our work, our team and our customers creates an environment where people can be their best. It’s hard not to enjoy buying Christmas gifts for kids in need. And with the company match – you get to have twice the fun; when you sponsor one child, you shop for two and the company pays for the second child’s gifts.

The holidays really are a great time at Cook’s and we all hope they are a great time of year for you too. The gifts for 2019 were delivered last Friday to HSP where they are coordinating Christmas gifts for 2,000 children. The Christmas tree is a little bare now without the presents, but that just means more room for the grab bag next week!

Cook’s Holiday Giving Tree 2019 just before gift drop off to Humanitarian Services Project

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