Little know fact about Sharp Microwaves

Sharp R-21LCF Microwave

Sharp R-21LCF Microwave

As you might imagine, we sell a lot of microwaves.  They go in the kitchen, the commissary and the ODR.  We have been aligned with various brands of microwaves over the years, from Amana to Panasonic to Sharp, which is the brand we recommend most now – for one simple reason:

It’s the only warranty left in corrections and the obvious brand to buy!

As you can imagine, microwaves can take some harsh abuse in correctional kitchen or seg unit.  In the past year, we have seen key players in the microwave category; like Amana and Panasonic, remove their warranties for the correctional kitchen environment.  Cook’s looked in the mirror and made a decision.  We have to sell Sharp microwaves to our correctional customers.  Sharp is the last microwave manufacturer that still warranties their microwave for the correctional foodservice application.

If your microwave breaks, call Cook’s and we will fix the problem for you.  At Cook’s Correctional, we keep most of the Sharp microwaves in stock, so if you order we can ship your new microwave out to you in less than 24 hours.  You can find all the different models of Sharp microwaves that we sell online here at our Cook’s Correctional Sharp Microwave page.

Brian Richardson

Director of Merchandising, Cook’s

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