Misonmers creeping into your kitchen?

Hobart 84186-1 Buffalo Chopper

Hobart 84186-1 Buffalo Chopper

Let’s face it, there are more kitchen products available today than you or I can comprehend.  I must admit that I am the first to think “well, that just doesn’t exist”, when I am called and asked about some items, only to find out that it does exist and has for years!  Also, it seems to me that there are certainly a fair amount of odd named items made for food service too.  And the more I talk to customers, I think that everyone has their favorite.  I have been repeating the names of these items for years without much thought – probably just like you.  But let’s take a break from the serious and look at some of the strange named items we deal with, and use, on a regular basis:

  •  Buffalo Chopper — really, it just sounds gruesome
  • Mop Towels — mop the floor, then your counter?
  • Scratch Brush — will definitely scratch everything, guaranteed
  • Waste Receptacle — come on, it’s a garbage can!
  • Bouffant Cap — any one out there still wear a bouffant hairstyle?
  • Half-dice Ice Cuber — Half dice? Full Dice?  Andrew Dice Clay?  what gives
  • Blixer — isn’t that one of Santa’s Reindeer?
  • Beverage Server — mind only holds beverages, it doesn’t serve them
  • Cam-anything — Cambro: the McDonald’s of FS equipment naming
  • Dead Man Box — aka Pirate’s of the Caribbean part 4
  • Dredge — something to scrape the bottom of a lake with?
  • Scraper or Spatula — can you remember which is which shape?
  • Disher — wouldn’t “scooper” have made more sense?
  • Cateraide Carrier — just sounds too much like Gatorade…
  • Dough Cutter — fact:  use on dough only 3% during its lifetime.

Who knew the correctional kitchen was so chock full of odd named items?  Even though I’ve worked with Cook’s Correctional Kitchen Equipment and Supplies for nearly 9 years, I’m still surprised by how easy it was to put together this list!  Want more – just grab the Cook’s 2014 Correctional Buyers Guide and peruse.  Find your favorites and email them to me!

Tim Saner, Sales Manager Cook's

Tim Saner

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