Hydro Force Filtration Systems from Watts Div. of Dormont

Lime Scale in a pipeIf you were to overlay an annual rainfall map of the US with that of water hardness it would show “the dryer the area, the harder the water”.    One exception might be the Florida Peninsula.  The worst states for water hardness are Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.  Water is considered hard at 4 grains per gallon and very hard at 10 and up.  Hard water doesn’t pose any hazards to your health, however it’s a nuisance and in the kitchen it can quickly diminish the efficiency of your kitchen equipment and if left unchecked eventually lead to replacement.

In Pueblo Colorado a school district suffered from hard water for over 5 years before they tried fixing the problem.  They turned to a division of Dormont Mfg. called Watts Water Technologies.   Watts OneFlow technology was implemented into this school to reduce water hardness, which it did quickly.  At first glance the OneFlow system looks like a water softener mineral tank with no control valve.  It’s a simple inlet/outlet connection with no pumps, meters or valves to confuse the end-user.  Watts water filtration systems can be purchased on Cook’s Correctional/Watts Water Technologies.

If you would like to read the article in it’s entirety on how the Pueblo Colorado school solved the hard water problems click here on Contractor

Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson


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