Sneak Peek: a 16 oz. Cook’s Brand Tumbler is Coming

Cook's Brand Co-polymer Tumblers

Cook’s Brand Co-polymer Tumblers

In 2005,  Cook’s Correctional launched their own Cook’s Brand Co-Polymer Correctional Tumblers and Cook’s Brand Polycarbonate Correctional Tumblers. When these were launched, we rolled out three different sizes:  the 8 oz., 9.5 oz and 12 oz. size tumblers.

Our customers have been very happy with the quality of our co-polymer tumblers and how well they hold up in the harshest of correctional environments.  During the design process, we spent reviewed many of the products that were in the market currently.   As with all our Cook’s Brand products, our goal wasn’t to just introduce a new tumbler that was the same as the other tumblers on the market — we wanted to introduce one that was better and designed specifically to stand up to the abuse of the correctional environment.  That’s why we engineered the Cook’s Brand Tumblers to have a base and rim that are thick-walled for longer life.  We also textured the surface slightly to hide scratches and minimize everyday wear.  The smooth lip of the tumbler ensures it is comfortable to use.

Cook’s has sold over 1 million correctional tumblers in the last 9 years. In July 2014 Cook’s will launch a new size to the popular product line in a 16 oz capacity. We are making this size, because our customers asked and we listened. The new 16 oz. Cook’s Correctional co-polymer and polycarbonate materials will be available for sale in the August 2014 Cook’s Buyer’s Guide.

Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson

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