Is Stainless Steel stronger than Aluminum?

How strong is it?

How strong is it?

We carry a lot of Stainless Steel and a lot of Aluminum products – most often you’ll see both materials in transport products like meal delivery carts .  In fact, our two most popular meal delivery carts are the Stainless Steel Meal Delivery Cart and our Aluminum Tray Delivery Cart, both from Cook’s Brand.


So this question is pretty common and most assume that stainless steel is indeed stronger.  And the answer is…’s really about the gauge (or thickness) of the aluminum and stainless.

There are very heavy gauges of aluminum that are much, much stronger than light gauge stainless steel. One more concept to keep in mind is that aluminum gauges are not the same as stainless steel gauges. A 2 gauge aluminum sheet is thicker than 2 gauge stainless steel.

Jeff Breeden, CEO Cook's

Jeff Breeden

Want to know more?  Here is a good link to check different thicknesses of metals…

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