Want to place an order fast? here’s some tips to keep it quick!

phone callDo you have lots of spare time at work? Nope – we didn’t think so! That’s why we do our best to help you place your orders with us as quickly as possible.  That’s also why you’ll find the Quick Order option right on the home page of the Cook’s Correctional website.

Still, sometimes it’s better for you to place your orders with us via the phone, email or fax.  We do our best to be friendly and pleasant to talk to, but we understand that you’ve got a lot more on your plate than just placing kitchen supplies orders with the friendly people over at Cook’s!

Today’s post provides a couple of tips to help you get the fastest service possible from us:

If you have the following pieces of information ready before you call, then we can help you get your order placed accurately and quickly. And if you’re ordering via fax or email, be sure to include these pieces of information so that we don’t have to hold your order up while we contact you to get this:

Sales order numbers – When placing an order via email or phone call please make sure to always request the sales order confirmation number. This is great information to have in case you need to call in about the order at any time. The order confirmation number can be referenced when obtaining tracking information, obtaining an invoice, needing to set up a return, or any other inquiry you might have regarding the order.

Contact Information – When faxing an order please make sure you reference an account number, if you know it, as this will make sure to place the order under the correct account. Please make sure to specify if the order needs to be under an Aramark, GEO or any other corporate food service provider. Make sure to reference a contact of who we can call or email if we end up having questions about your order.

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

When emailing and inquiring about an order, please make sure to have either your account number or zip code available. This will help us to put your orders in the correct account and get the order process started as quickly as possible for you.

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