The Origins of the Flex Tray

Cook's 335 Brown Flex Trays

Cook’s 335 Brown Flex Trays

Did you know that the super durable, NSF approved Flex Trays originated with the simple bakeware found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. When silicone was introduced to the consumer market 8 years ago, we thought that it would be a great material for correctional trays.

Now, there were a lot of things we needed to address…it needed to be super sturdy, incredibly durable and meet all foodservice standards. It took us 2 years to find the right silicone (all silicone is not the same) and engineer the product so it would stand up to corrections abuse.

After we had this figured out, we worked with NSF to certify the product which is the only flexible corrections tray to carry this certification. We now have six different Flex Tray designs to choose from along with Flex Tumblers, Flex Mugs, Flex Bowls and the Flex Spoon.

Jeff Breeden, CEO Cook's

Jeff Breeden

The Cook’s Brand Flex Products are a great line of correctional meal serving products and currently being used in 100’s of facilities across the country.

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