How social are you?

Connection with our Customers

Connection with our Customers

Social media isn’t a trend anymore and it’s hardly new, but is it for everyone? As the marketing lead at Cook’s, it’s been my responsibility to implement social media and to find a way to leverage it’s ‘power’ within our customer group – that’s you. And to be honest, it’s been a bit of a struggle. But with a little thought, that makes sense. We traditionally have our strongest relationships with the Foodservice Director or Manager. While a portion of your work has you on a computer – the majority of the ‘work’ in your role is not computer based. That’s quite a difference from someone like me who’s on the computer from the moment I begin work until I stop work – and with the advent of the smart phone, really long before and after the actual workday, which is probably a new reality that we both share!

The key to making our social media outlets work in corrections is to find a way to add value for our customers – again, that’s you. That’s why this blog was started and why we have all our managers contributing.  We’re also going to be featuring guest posts from our territory managers in the next few months – posts that will bring stories of the things they see at their customers (you again!) that we think you will relate to and may gain some ideas you can put to use on the job.  These blog posts are pushed out through all our social media outlets. Did you know that we’re on:
Twitter? follow us!  (

Facebook?  like us at

Pinterest?  I don think there’s any other page dedicated to jail/prison safe kitchen equipment! you can see it here:

Along with the blog posts, we include postings on relevant industry news, product introductions, vendor promotions and our own special promotions.  My goal is to get our customers to talk to us and ideally to each other via these social channels!  It’s in the talking to each other that we can learn from you and that you can find something that’s useful or at least interesting.  I’d love to see comments and feedback from our customers – on any of these sites.  Additionally, we’re going to be creating a LinkedIn page for Cook’s Correctional in the near future.

Marketing Manager, Cook's

Candace Meneou

Our intent is to facilitate community among our customer base – all 2,500 jails and prisons that we work with across the U.S. After all, you’re all doing a ‘tough’ job and nobody knows that better than you (all of you!).  Getting you to share your stories and the things you do to get the job done is a great way for all of us to make our jobs easier.

I hope that we can connect!


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