You’re not happy with your item…what now?

Let’s talk about Cook’s Return Policy.

The first step in avoiding a return is for you to be confident in the purchase you are making either over the phone or when you order online at You may have noticed that when you call in to order an item like insulated trays or smallwares  that you’ve gotten from us in the past, we will reference your purchasing history. We do this for you as a safeguard to verify that the product you’re ordering is the product you want. But that can only apply to items that you order regularly from Cook’s.

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

It is our goal to make sure you are getting the correct items with each order, so you can avoid any return fees as well as the lost time involved in a product return. Some items are subject to a 15% to 50% restocking charge and return shipping charges. If you do have a problem with a product we will do our best to minimize the hassles of a return, but by following the simple instructions below with all your purchases – you can also help the process go smoothly when a return is needed:

  • Returned items must be unused, undamaged, returned intact with original materials. Specially ordered or custom items cannot be returned.
  • Please fully inspect and count all the cartons in a shipment “before” you sign for them. If you have shortages, damages, or problems, you should note this on the delivery receipt.
  • Upon receipt and inspection of returned product(s), your credit card will be credited for the amount paid for the item(s) minus the restocking fee and return shipping charges.
  • For refused shipments you will be responsible for full freight charges and applicable fees going both ways if they are refused for any reason other than the shipment was damaged in transit or if the shipping error was made by Cook’s Correctional Kitchen Equipment and Supplies.

Finally, if you have any questions or aren’t sure how to proceed, give us a call at 1-800-956-5571.  The customer service department is here to help you with orders and returns.

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