FREE SHIPPING – you love it!

Free DeliveryWe have many products where those items come with Free Shipping – but what exactly does this mean?  Free Shipping means free standard shipping. Not free overnight shipping or even free two-day shipping.  Those are premium shipping options that we aren’t able to include for free.

You will most likely see Free Shipping on kitchen equipment pieces or on transport carts.  These are products that are shipping to you directly from the manufacturer, and they have agreements with large shipping companies to include standard shipping.  For instance, if you go to, you’ll see that you can get a Vulcan V6B36S NG 6-Burner Heavy Duty Gas Range with free shipping.  You also need to keep in mind that if you order the range and a stock pot to go on it – the free shipping is for the range only, because the stock pot is coming from our warehouse.

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

Additionally, Free Shipping means only that the shipping company brings the item to your facility and drops it off for you. Unfortunately, it does not go past that, but if you want the company to do more than that you can specify, at the time of the order, for an additional charge.

Some additional shipping services available include the following:

  • Inside delivery – if you need the item to be brought inside the location instead of just being dropped off at the front or at a loading dock.
  • Lift Gate – if the item is too heavy to lift off a truck, you can request the truck to have a lift gate. This will take the item from the truck level and deliver it to the ground level. If there is a dock or forklift at the facility there is no need for the freight truck to come equipped with a lift gate.
  • Residential Delivery – if the item is being delivered to a residence there is an additional fee.

If you ever have a question about your Free Shipping and what that really includes, you can always ask someone in customer service at Cook’s and we’ll be sure to clarify what your Free Shipping includes!

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