You say “just give me a price!” and I say, “not so fast…” here’s why:

I know how you feel…you call someone to get a price on an item and pray for a seconds-quick response. I mean, who really wants to spend more time on the phone with a salesperson? You have things to do, places to be, jobs to finish…so you may think a quick response from a vendor will get you where you need to go…but does it?

Tim Saner, Sales Manager Cook's

Tim Saner

For years, I have been making calls and fielding calls from correctional kitchen professionals; folks like you. During that time, I have been the one that slowed you down and asked you those annoying questions that delay the answer you seek…while, “just give me a price,” rings through your head! Then I ask, “you want to purchase a new freezer…why?” Then you think, “That’s it, this guy is in outer space!” “Because mine doesn’t work!” you exclaim.

This is where I ask for your patience…because the more I know about your correctional kitchen equipment, the easier it will be to point you in the right direction. Specification of the right item is dependent on diagnosis of a problem. Diagnosis involves lots of questions… and answers. When I

image courtesy of Commercial Kitchen Doctor LLC

image courtesy of Commercial Kitchen Doctor LLC

find out that your freezer is broke, and it doesn’t maintain temp, I need to know how it got that way. Does it have top mount refrigeration? Is there clearance above it and the ceiling for proper ventilation? Where is the unit being placed? What products are stored in it? What foodservice equipment brand is it? Would pan slides instead of shelves increase its utility? Is it next to a heat source – would a heat shield on either side make sense? Being in a correctional kitchen Is the unit or its contents ever tampered with? What is your budget for this item? Who is using it?…etc.

Don’t worry, the questions are limited. While they may seem annoying at the time – I promise that you, as well as I, will learn more about what you have in your correctional kitchen and what you need as we talk. You want to buy once and buy right. I want to get you to that point. Oh, and one more question…if you call a different supplier and they don’t ask you any questions, how did they determine what was right for you?

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