Have you seen the Cook’s Brand Catalog?

One of the things that makes us different from other foodservice equipment and supply dealers is our focus on the Correctional market and our Cook’s Brand line of products. Our history is that of an evolution.

Cook's Brand Knife Leash Kit

Cook’s Brand Knife Leash Kit

The business started as an offshoot of The Breeden Group,which was a consulting organization to the correctional industry – focused on kitchen design for jails and prisons that had safety and security in mind. Customers were asking how to get the equipment that The Breeden Group was specifying – because it was specialized kitchen equipment that included security packages appropriate for the correctional kitchen, but not readily found at commercial foodservice equipment and supply dealers. We then evolved into a stocking dealer of small wares in response to our customers needs. As we grew, we realized that the general market wasn’t able to fully satisfy the unique needs of the Correctional customers that we were serving.  Further evolving, Cook’s Brand was launched in response to our customers needs for those products that didn’t exist in the market place; like the Knife Leash Kit, to products that just really needed to be re-engineered for the correctional customer to be able to withstand the abuse of inmates, like the correctional tray assembly line.  The Buyers Guide for Corrections; our catalog, was also created out of customer demand – this became a one-stop resource for the correctional kitchen, including insulated meal trays, meal delivery carts, tray drying racks and tool lockers, equipment with security features and more.

Marketing Manager, Cook's

Candace Meneou

We have recently published a Cook’s Brand catalog – a single place to see all the products that we’ve developed specifically for our Correctional Customers; people like you.  We are grateful that our customers open up to us about their challenges because this has allowed us the opportunity to create the products that can help them do their job better, and in turn, these products help other correctional professionals across the country too.  Please take a look at our newest catalog of Cook’s Brand products.

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