New product introduction – the Vapor Towel

Tucker Burnguard is a manufacture of high quality oven mitts and aprons made for the commercial foodservice kitchen. Last year, they launched a new product called “The Vapor Towel”. The value of this towel to the end user is that it lasts “7” times longer than standard Foodservice Mop Towels or rags.

Tucker Burnguard 88900 Vapor Towel

Tucker Burnguard 88900 Vapor Towel

That’s seven times longer!  If you have ever used the industries standard White Mop towel with the bluish green stripe than you know what I am referring to, they just don’t last.  And in corrections, they get pretty dirty pretty quick because they are used for everything – as a hot pad, a mop towel, under cutting boards to keep them from slipping and so on.

The Vapor Towel features ‘Steamguard’ protection, which is a liquid and vapor barrier that effectively protects the user from steam, hot liquids and grease. A majority of the burns in the foodservice kitchens are caused from one of these three things.  Additionally, the Vapor towels can be machine washed up to 100 times; yet, because of their quality they will last through several

Brian Richardson

Director of Merchandising, Cook’s

wash cycles.  The Vapor Towel also has an antimicrobial agent built into the cloth yarns to minimize the transmission of germs and bacteria.

If you are tired of continually replacing your low quality rags and mop towels in your commercial kitchen, it’s time you considered the Tucker Burnguard Vapor Towel.

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