Vulcan’s Cool New Control Feature on their Convection Ovens

Vulcan VC44GD Convection Oven

Vulcan Convection Oven VC44GD

Last year, Vulcan came out with a new feature on their convection ovens. You can now select which side the control panel will be on. Why does this matter? Mostly because the greatest cause of control panel failure is related to it overheating. And, if you place the control side of the oven next to a range, you may experience some failures. Cook’s recommends selecting the location of the control panel so that it is as far away from the other equipment as possible. This will keep the control panel cooler which should help the oven last longer.

Jeff Breeden, CEO Cook's

Jeff Breeden

For more useful product features and application tips, you can talk to any of the representatives at Cook’s Correctional.  We’ve been working with Correctional customers for over 15 years and work with 2500 correctional customers every year.  We draw off of that experience all the time to help other customers in similar situations to meet their kitchen challenges.

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