There’s more to an oven mitt than meets the eye!

Many people don’t give too much thought to the purchase of oven mitts for their kitchen, but here’s a few things you might want to think of the next time you go to make a purchase:

Brian Richardson

Director of Merchandising, Cook’s

There are 3 major things to consider when making your decision:

  • Insulation Value
  • Maintenance
  • Sizing

Insulated value indicates the highest heat temperature you can hold with the mitt for up to 15 seconds before you begin experiencing discomfort. Typically this discomfort comes in the form of burning. It is estimated that 80% of foodservice burns are caused by hot liquids, grease or steam, so you need to consider the environment that the oven mitt will be used in too and whether or not a liquid or vapor barrier is required to fully protect the user.

Tucker QuickKlean 18" Oven Mitt

Tucker QuickKlean 18″ Oven Mitt

Maintenance is the second thing on the list. Proper maintenance of your oven mitt extends the life of the mitt. Consider the ease in washing and drying when you choose a mitt and make sure you pay attention to the cleaning instructions. Most oven mitts can be laundered, but there are specific mitts on the market like the Quicklean Oven mitt from Tucker Burnguard that can only be rinsed clean. Should you choose to launder this product, it will be ruined and unusable, but that’s only because you need only rinse it off rather than launder it to clean it.

The final thing to consider is the Size of your Oven mitt.  There are several different lengths to choose from 12”, 15”, 18” and 24”.  Traditionally, the 12″ offers protection up to the wrist.  The 15″ and the 18″ offer extended protection and the 18″ length will protect the user up to the elbow.

Before your next purchase of oven mitts, take a minute to review where they are being used.  This will help you decide if you need a longer length, an oven mitt that must rinse clean or can be laundered and if the user will need protection for hot liquids or vapors.  The whole purpose of an oven mitt is to protect the user, and if you don’t have the right product for the application – your oven mitt won’t be doing its job!

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