Having the right numbers handy will help us to help you!

There are a variety of numbers we recommend customers have for all sorts of situations when inquiring with Cook’s. We ask you for all these numbers so that we can quickly and accurately assist you. Here’s a quick over view and some explanation behind each of those numbers:

Janet St. Clair, Customer Service Manager Cook's

Janet St. Clair

When ordering we recommend having your account number available, this will make finding your account faster so that we can assist you faster. If you choose to email or fax in a purchase, it helps us a great deal to have your contact information shown clearly on the order in case there are any questions and we need to follow up with you. This can include your direct phone number and/or extension, a fax number and your email.  If you are making a purchase by phone, it helps for you to have the item/model numbers for the products you are purchasing handy rather than just the name of the item.  Having the model numbers will ensure that exactly the item you want is being ordered for your facility. After an order is placed, ask us for the confirmation number if we do not provide one to you. This will be useful for any future inquiries you might have regarding that order.  If you do have a question on an order and you didn’t get an order confirmation number, make sure to have your purchase order number as a reference to help us find the correct information for you.  By the way – if you have an online account with us, you can always use our online Quick Order form to place an order, and this is available to you 24/7.  You don’t have to search around the website to find the products you need with this page – you simply enter the model numbers and quantity onto the form and it adds these items directly into your shopping cart where you can review your order and pricing and then quickly place your order.

When ever you are ordering parts or accessories for a piece of equipment; like a mixer, please have the model number and serial number for the equipment item.  Parts and accessories are frequently not interchangeable on different series or sizes, so having the correct model number when you place the order ensures that we get you the right part or accessory.

Numbers are especially important when there are Warranty or Damage issues.  Although we are working hard to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition and work correctly for you, experience has proven that this is not always the case. When you call in for a warranty or damage issue, we’ll be better able to help you if you are prepared with the following numbers when you contact us: order number, phone number (with extension) and fax number for you specifically, and if the item in question is equipment please make sure to provide the model number and serial number for us. Having all of this information will expedite the process and make sure to get you, the customer, taken care of as efficiently as possible.

All of us at Cook’s want to provide you with great service all the time.  We want to be fast and accurate and having the right numbers available when you need us can help us to do that!

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