Meet the Bloggers – part 3 of 3

The final two members of our blog team are probably familiar faces if you’re a customer of Cook’s or if you’ve ever browsed through the Cook’s Correctional Buyers Guide anytime in the last 8 years.   Because our products are developed specifically for corrections, we like to photograph those products in correctional settings, but there aren’t too many inmates available for a photo shoot so the Cook’s employees often model for us.  It’s become a rite-of-passage for new members to our sales team!

Tim Saner, Sales Manager, Cook'sTim Saner: Sales Manager
Tim has been with Cook’s for eight years, holding a variety of positions in the sales department.  He started on the front lines, as a sales representative managing the west territory.  After three and a half years with the company, he was tapped to develop our bid desk – a new function for Cook’s at the time.  Tim has always demonstrated an attentiveness to our customers needs, methodical approach to developing opportunities, attention to detail and a desire to ‘build a better mousetrap’ if there’s room for improvement.  These traits made Tim the right candidate to make the company’s vision of this new role into a reality, and we believe they’ll drive his success in the sales manager role.  Tim is also the creative genius behind the Globe Whip, the Beverage Server lock and has had input on several other Cook’s Brand products.  Tim brings a point of view to our blog that will focus on the commonalities among our customers and many other interesting tidbits he comes across in his everyday dealings with the correctional foodservice professional.

Max 2Max Lecaros: National Sales Manager
While you wouldn’t know it by looking at our catalogs, Max had never done any professional modeling prior to joining Cook’s nine years ago!  That’s a bit of an inside joke here because Max has graced the cover of dozens of Cook’s catalogs since he walked in the door.  He’s a natural in front of the camera, and like the rest of us, he’ll do what ever it takes to get the word out about Cook’s.   Max started as a territory manager and then moved onto National Accounts, working with contract feeders across the country focusing on their specialized needs.  Prior to Cook’s, Max had several years of experience in the software industry.  Over his 9+ years with the company, Max has been in a wide variety of Correctional Kitchens getting to know first hand what our customers face on a daily basis and working to see how we can help them do their job better.  He’s handled several very large projects both new builds and renovations and has a wealth of experience that he will be taping into for his blog entries.

So now you’ve met the Cook’s Correctional Blog Team!  We hope that you’ll come back often, post comments and share with your contemporaries.

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