We’re blogging at Cook’s Correctional!

If you know Cook’s, you probably know us for our expertise in foodservice equipment and operations and in all things related to the jail and prison kitchen. You also know us for innovative product design and our diverse selection of products, both proprietary and from the best foodservice equipment vendors in the industry. And you know us for great customer service and our unmatched knowledge of the correctional kitchen environment.

Now know us as an online destination for correctional and foodservice industry-related content.

We’ll be here blogging at least twice a week, and we hope you’ll join us for a good read and even comment on what we post. We’ll talk about a wide variety of topics, ranging from the serious to the silly. We’ll talk about products. We’ll talk about tips and tricks for use in the kitchen. We’ll write stories from correctional kitchen operators about the things they are doing that we think are worth sharing, and on occasion, we’ll take a look at what someone is doing in their little corner of the industry that we think is pretty darn cool.

Be sure to check back on Friday to meet our contributing editors — you’ll be seeing posts from several different people at Cook’s, offering you a variety of different points of view and topics. We’ve also got posts lined up on some of our coolest 2014 new product introductions, one showing you how to use our digital catalog that’s posted on Cook’s Correctional, some ordering tips from our customer service manager that will help you get your package delivered correctly and great guide to walk you through the first steps of making a dish machine decision.

Please bookmark us and then jump in and join the discussion. Leave a comment or ask a question. And you can always e-mail me at cmeneou@cooksdirect.com.

Thanks for reading!

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